Parnell Art Walk



Join us for an art tour of one of NZ’s most creative districts, Parnell. Home to a dizzying array of galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars, the area is also famous for it’s heritage architecture.

The walk will begin on the front steps of Auckland Museum where we’ll explore sculptures scattered throughout Auckland Domain. Works by leading artists are the feature here, including Fred Graham, Christine Hellyar, Greer Twiss and Guy Ngan. Each tells a different story of this much-loved public park seeped in natural and human history.

From here, we’ll head up to Parnell Road exploring secret bush trails, a hidden gallery and a divine French patisserie on the way.

After morning tea, you’re in for more treats with visits to 3 Auckland galleries where you will meet leading dealers and visit private spaces off-limits to the general public.

This 3-hr small group tour is hosted by a professional local guide with a passion for Parnell and the creative personalities of NZ.

A ‘must do’ experience for art lovers!

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